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Introducing: Mini KISU

This year of 2022 we have a special year of celebration ahead of us - the 90th birthday of our beloved maestro Eero. What an amazing success this incredible innovator has had throughout his life-long career! A special commemorative collection of ceramic Mini Kisus has been released in March 2022 to celebrate not only this special occasion, but furthermore, the joy and laughter of everyday life. To bring a touch of luxury to our adored icon, Kisu is now introduced in a fresh new material and two elegant colours. The size is smaller to its predecessor making this Kisu the perfect eye-catcher on the side table or bookshelf. 

Read the full story of the Mini KISU and shop yours here.

Eero Aarnio Originals Mini KISU

We welcome you to join us for our special year of 2022 and the Celebration of Life!