Wooden Parabel - Eero Aarnio Originals

Wooden Parabel,

Eero Aarnio suunnitteli Parabelin vuonna 1993, ja se esiteltiin ensimmäistä kertaa Saksassa Kölnin huonekalumessuilla tammikuussa 2002. Puinen versio ikonisesta Parabel-pöydästä lisättiin Eero Aarnio Originalsin valikoimaan 2020. Pöytä on tehty vaahterapuusta ja se on saatavilla kahdessa värivaihtoehdossa - pähkinänruskeana ja luonnonvärisenä.

Toimitusaika on 6 viikkoa.


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The Story of the Wooden Parabel

The Parabel table was designed in 1993 by Eero Aarnio, and first shown at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany in January 2002. At that time, only the smallest size of the Parabel existed, the coffee table. After the success at the fair, suddenly new kind of demand was raised. Customers inquired whether the Parabel could be made available also in a larger size. Especially, buyers from Italy were very keen to acquire one in an oval size. It would make a great table, and especially a beautiful desktop.
The name Parabel reminds us of the mathematical form. However, glancing at the table, its associations are far from the mathematical science, and instead our thoughts are drawn to the art world. Parabel almost looks like a sculpture, one could easily see it decorating an art gallery. “A complete romance between initial inspiration and the technical craftmanship”, as Eero describes. The Parabel table combines appealing design and effortless sophistication with functional practicality and is the perfect addition to any modern home.